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Regional Personnel & Human Resources Development Division


The mission of the Regional Personnel and Human Resource Development Division is to assist the Regional Director in the exercise of his power and responsibilities pertaining to management of PNP Uniformed and Non-uniformed Personnel as individuals; manpower procurement and control; personnel records and reports; discipline, law and order, morale, personnel services and personnel procedures; the internal organization of the Regional Office and its administrative functions; and other miscellaneous functions assigned by the Regional Director and Higher Authorities to accomplish this mission.


  1. To advise the Regional Director on matters pertaining to Personnel and Records Management.
  2. To study and provide information pertaining to the personnel activities of the Command.
  3. To prepare personnel plans and projections.
  4. To administer and manage pertinent records of uniformed and non-uniformed personnel of the Command.
  5. To formulate Training programs and directives that are required to attain professionalism of PNP uniformed and non-uniformed personnel.
  6. To perform other duties as the Regional Director may direct.